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Chichen Itza

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Mexico is situated in the northern region of the American continent linking the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is encircled by the United States on the north and by Guatemala and Belize on the south and is divided into six tourist regions. These regions are Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Southern Mexico, The Yucatan Peninsula, The Pacific Coast and The Baja California Peninsula.
The ancient Mayan capital of Chichen Itza is an archaeological zone in the eastern region of the state of Yucatan. It lies 120 kilometers east of Merida in the direction of Cancun. The weather is hot and dry, with an average temperature of 34 degree Centigrade. This place, stated as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, will take you back in time to the pre-Hispanic period as you determine the secrets awaiting you in the most important structures. At El Castillo, a natural phenomenon occurs each year through the spring equinox which is the sunlight creates a shadow image of a plumed serpent sliding down the pyramid’s stairs.
Some of the other attractions are the Juego de Pelota, the largest ball court in Mesoamerica. It measures 168 meters in length and 70 meters in width. There is also the Observatory or Caracol that is Snail, called that because of the interior’s round spiral form. Here you can also visit the stunning Cenote Sagrado, a large sinkhole that measures 60 meters in diameter. Chichen Itza is a perfect destination, not only for those who enjoy archaeology, but also for those who like history and the charming fascination of ancient civilizations.

Mexico, the country that has it all, beach resorts, colonial cities, archeological sites, and countless natural settings. You can simply relax absorbing their rich cultural heritage and relish the culinary delights that make Mexico a modern country, yet full of customs and tradition.

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