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Mexico is situated in the northern region of the American continent linking the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is encircled by the United States on the north and by Guatemala and Belize on the south and is divided into six tourist regions. These regions are Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Southern Mexico, The Yucatan Peninsula, The Pacific Coast and The Baja California Peninsula.

Ensenada, Baja California’s most important port is located 300 kilometers southwest of state capital Mexicali and 113 kilometers south of Tijuana. The average year-round temperature is 21º Centigrade. This place is known for having some of the quietest beaches on the northern Pacific coast, mainly Punta Banda, an ideal spot for scuba diving and kayaking. There is a park called Constitucion de and also the Sierra de San Pedro Martir which are attractive ecotourism destinations.
This port city hosts main cultural events, such as the Fiestas de la Vendimia, where you can enjoy exceptional food and tour the most important vineyards of the Valle de Guadalupe region. Other quality tourist attractions that this destination provides are spas, golf courses, bars and nightclubs, all of which present you a piece of the good life on the Pacific coast.
One of its most important celebrations is the Carnival, which is held in the month of February. It features colorful parades, a food fair and live music as well. In August the city hosts Las Fiestas de la Vendimia, a wine festival organized by the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe. Throughout the festival, you can tour the vineyards. It also has a food fair and wine tasting competitions, amongst other events.

Mexico, the country that has it all, beach resorts, colonial cities, archeological sites, and countless natural settings. You can simply relax absorbing their rich cultural heritage and relish the culinary delights that make Mexico a modern country, yet full of customs and tradition.

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