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Mexico is situated in the northern region of the American continent linking the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is encircled by the United States on the north and by Guatemala and Belize on the south and is divided into six tourist regions. These regions are Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Southern Mexico, The Yucatan Peninsula, The Pacific Coast and The Baja California Peninsula.
Tepoztlan is a supernatural town full of mysticism and tradition, is located 21 kilometers east of Cuernavaca, the state capital of Morelos, and 71 kilometers south of Mexico City. It lies along the foothills of the Sierra del Chichinautzin, in a region with an average year-round temperature of 18º centigrade and a climate with low humidity.
In this town of rich natural resources you will directly notice the imposing Cerro del Tepozteco Tepozteco Hill, a main tourist attraction where you will find a pre-Hispanic construction on the top of the hill. It is said that this site has a positive energy force, which is why it draws hundreds of visitors during the spring equinox. Divided into eight colonial neighborhoods, as you walk along Tepoztlan’s picturesque cobblestone streets you will see a significant 16th century convent, various museums and several stores selling all kinds of crafts and esoteric items.
In the superb nature areas of the Parque National El Tepozteco National Park, you can observe a broad range of flora and fauna on ecotourism excursions. Also nearby are the towns of Yautepec and Tlayacapan, where you can check out beautiful examples of Dominican and Franciscan convents. During your stay at these places you can try appetizing regional dishes, such as the famed cecina de Yecapixtla a salted meat and pambazos rellenos de papa y chorizo sandwiches with Mexican sausage and potato. At Tepoztlan, you must try the beautiful tepoznieves, ice cream that comes in avocado, tequila and mezcal flavors, among many others.

Tepoztlan is a destination that offers outstanding tourist services and it has maintained the feel of a traditional Mexican city.

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