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A Paradise in the Sea

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When visiting Baja California Sur, you will find white sandy beaches, coral reefs, mountains, marine mammals, and the perfect destination to stay in. For those who love adventure, you cannot miss the opportunity of having a personal encounter with marine wildlife in the sea’s profundities. Beach camping is one of the greatest attractions since many people are fascinated with seabirds flying around the beaches. While the access to some beaches is possible by four-wheel-vehicles, others can be reached by boat, thus representing a real adventure for some.

Backpacking is not recommended unless you have lots of experience to know how to deal with the lack of water in the mountains. That is why you should not forget that Baja is an arid peninsula with limited water resources. Concerning weather, the summer months are the hottest, so that if you do not want to meet the sun, you should visit it during the rest of the year. Baja is in a continuing state of flux. Thus, weather conditions are as unpredictable that you will never know when raining is temporal or permanent. Due to this circumstance, checking with local people what type of automobiles are suitable for driving on that specific terrain at that time may avoid you getting stuck. In general, the scenery in Baja is amazing around the pristine beaches with gentle and warm water to make you feel relaxed and happy.

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