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Cultural Knowledge of Campeche

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Campeche, the third state of Yucatan Peninsula, is a fascinating port full of baroque Spanish architecture, naval history as well as aging beauty. This historical setting offers seven of the eight original bulwarks, but only four bulwarks are more interesting with libraries, tropical gardens, museums, and folk art exhibitions. In the past, a labyrinth of tunnels was the way to connect such fortresses with homes throughout the walled city. Today, some are open for exploration.

The design of the main city’s square so-called Plaza Principal is charmingly colonial, although after 1985, new modern accents were added. Surrounding the square, you may visit different spots of richly historical meaning. For example, Cathedral de la Concepción, the Yucatan’s oldest cathedral; Museo Regional, a museum with numerous history of the state; the Mansión Carvajal; the Casa de la Cultura, these two illustrate the colonial wealth of Campeche. Almost all the streets in the city are cobblestone and many of the colonial like buildings look intact.

Those who expect to find a wide variety of stores to buy souvenirs or other items should know that there are few places where to go shopping and also dining. However, if you like eating seafood dishes, you must go to Chac-Pel and Marganzo where the best seafood specialties. Although there is a scarcity of beaches in this zone, you may visit, in particular, Edzná and Calakmul Biosphere Reserve as sightseeing around Campeche. Discover the historical and cultural setting of Campeche to learn more about Mexico.

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