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Puebla: Visit the Alley of Frogs, You Will Not Regret It!

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Puebla has been largely known as one of the most beautiful cities in the wonderful Mexico. Right in the middle of this historical town, there is a neighborhood that between its magnificent and elegant colonial buildings guards a wide variety of antiques, rural-style furniture and much more items. These stores are located in a place known as Alley of the Frogs.

The Alley of the Frogs turns particularly colorful during the weekends, mainly Sundays because is the day it receives the most tourists. Although stores are open all week days, it is during Saturdays and Sundays that bazaars are installed all throughout the streets. Moreover, during these days, “tianguis” (indigenous markets) set the difference in the commercial ambiance in Puebla. Indigenous bring rare and different items that are the delight for collectors and people looking for antiques and some other souvenirs.

The Alley of Frogs is right in street #6 South, between #5 and #7 Orient, place where the original tianguis was located. In here, a group of friends of antiques got together more than 30 years ago to install and commercialize its items, and nowadays, this little gathering of friends became an explosion of bars, restaurants and stores of many handcrafted items. If you have the chance to visit the amazing town of Puebla, be sure that you will not miss the magic and colorful Alley of the Frogs.

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