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The Magic of Guanajuato

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Visiting Guanajuato means a real cultural experience that lets tourists have a wonderful time. The fact that UNESCO has named Guanajuato as a World Heritage Site gives this place prominent importance outside the Mexican frontiers to attract visitors easily. Do not forget your camera because you may take a lot of photos about this Spanish colonial style city. Since today there is much crime, you do not have to worry about insecurity and the risk of being stolen because Guanajuato is very clean and safe. For those who desire to go there and are unaware of the air service, is important to signal that some flights come from Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta to the Guanajuato International Airport, The ride from the airport to arrive at Guanajuato takes 30 minutes.

Some of the popular meeting places are Plaza San Roque and Plaza de la Paz. However, the major attraction is Teatro Juarez because of its majestic interior decoration and external architecture. Lovers of art and museums cannot miss Diego Rivera’s Birthplace where the house has been converted into a museum. Likewise, you may take a look at some of Rivera’s early pieces of work. Perhaps you did not know that you can get there by air, car, or bus, depending on what means of transportation you prefer and the cost of each of it. If your main purpose is to have fun at nighttime, Guanajuato has different night clubs and restaurants waiting for you. Also, Guanajuato is characterized by dry weather, which makes the practice of different outdoor sports easier. It does not rain very frequently, but nights can be somehow cold.

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