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An Unforgettable Trip to Oaxaca

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The State of Oaxaca is bordered by the cities of Veracruz, Puebla, Chiapas, and Guerrero. A great deal of travelers feels attracted toward the Oaxaca Valley because of its pleasant tropical weather. As a matter of fact, hot and wet areas are predominantly found in the coastal regions of the Pacific, whereas the cold climate prevails in high altitude places. These two aspects should be taken into account when packing personal items for traveling.

When coming to Oaxaca, you will see the deepest caverns around the world, exotic jungles, pristine beaches, luminous valleys. In addition, Oaxaca is also famous for its beautiful architecture, the knowledge of its cultural traditions, and the wide variety of typical dishes. Exploring Oaxaca will take you a couple of days because there is a lot to see and learn. A giant tree of this city is found in Santa María del Tule. The village of Tlacochahuaya which was once a monastery in honor to the patron of hermits, St. Jerome, is colorful. East along the main highway, the important archaeological site of Dainzu and Teotitlan del Valle can be in front of your eyes. Then, you reach the magnificent landscape of Mitla, San Lorenzo Albarradas; such places are furthest from the central city.

Based on Spanish colonial buildings, old ruins like Monte Alban, festivals such as “Day of the Dead,” sidewalks made of green volcanic stones, a beautiful zocalo in the heart of Oaxaca Mexico, the market, Indian villages, and restaurants with traditional Oaxacan gastronomy create the perfect combination to make people experience a Mexican vacation full of history and culture.

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