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What You Do Not Know About Chiapas

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Chiapas offers you the opportunity of discovering the wonders of nature such as hills and volcanoes, plentiful rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and dense jungles. Without a doubt, Chiapas is a valuable treasure that has produced the third part of the petroleum extracted in Mexico. Moreover, the beauty and quality of its carvings and furniture is due to the production of precious woods like Mahogany and the Rosewood. The amount of water in enormous dams as Angostura, Malpaso and Chicoasen is accumulated in lagoons and rivers.

In order to view all the surroundings of Chiapas, you should better choose the sites that you want to visit; otherwise, it will take you various weeks. The climate is predominantly tropical, highlighting the fact that the south area is humid, whereas the north area of the central city of Chiapas is dry. This entity is famous for its rooted traditions, crafts, festivities, and exquisite cuisine.

Among the natural settings that you may find, Parque Nacional Cañon del Sumidero (national park), the Reserva de la biosfera Cascadas de Agua Azul (biosphere reserve) and the Lagunas de Montebello (lagoon) are spectacular mirrors of blue turquoise color water where you will be able to observe typical flora and fauna of mild forests. Also, you can go to some awe-inspiring archaeological zones of the Mayan culture and the mysterious ceremonial center of Palenque. Nearby, you will discover wonderful religious buildings in the Magical Town of Saint Christopher of the Houses. Besides, the sale of Native articles of handicraft is found in the squares and markets. Visiting Chiapas is an enriching experience and you would like to come again.

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