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Merida: Museum of the City, a Must for Visitors!

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If you want to get in touch with Mexico history, the best option is to visit its museums. If you are nearby Merida, take your time to take a look at the Museum of the City, right in the middle of the city. In here, you will find objects from different periods of time from all around the country. The museum has pre-Columbus and colonial items, as well as items from the Independence period and the Revolution.

Among the historical pieces one should find, there are a series of Mayan vases made out of mud and clay with a number of animal-like drawings, which belong to the brightest period of Puuc Style (900-1000 DC). These vases were all found in Merida. From the periods after the Independence, people can admire a number of nomenclatures made out of porcelain in the Merida streets, a military suit that belonged to the chief of the Yucatan Army during the war against Mexico (1842), some paintings and guns used during the “Guerra de Castas”. The building in which this museum is located was constructed in the 17th century, and its façade is the second one from the “plateresco” style in all Merida.

It is worth the effort to visit the museum, no matter which time of the year. It is located in Street 61, between 58 and 60. They are open from Tuesday to Friday, from 10-14 and 16-20. There is free entrance every day. The Museum of the City is definitely a gate to the past that we should all open when having the chance.

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