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Mexico City: A Paradise in North America

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Are you willing to travel? But, you have no idea where. Well, here you will find that Mexico City is a fantastic option for you. The complexity of this country is bigger of what you may think. To many, it is a world-famous capital with a large number of human cultural achievements along with remarkable past history. Also, Mexico City is the oldest inhabited regions in the Western Hemisphere. Its localization inevitably creates urban problems including traffic, air pollution, overpopulation, and so on. However, the gloomy urban reality of this city has nothing to do with its natural and cultural attractions.

Throughout Mexico City, many historic sites as astonishing ancient ruins, old colonial buildings, mansions, monuments, plazas, parks, and churches constitute part of Aztec Indian Heritage and valuable legacy that belongs to Mexicans. Worthy of admiration is the fact that they preserve historic and meaningful sightseeing places. Thus, a lot of museums display different objects and pictures of public interest. Due to the variety of travel options, you may choose between Beaches and Resorts, Native American Archaeology, Colonial Era Architecture, and Eco Tours. The most acclaimed coastal cities are Acapulco and Cancun; both have become popular destinations around the world. As a recommendation, visit beach resorts from November to April and local cities from May to October.

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