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Xochicalco, Cuernavaca: A Historical City

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The Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco is located 38 kms from the town of Cuernavaca, southeast side from Morelos. In order to get there, you should take road #95, Mexico-Acapulco until you get to the turning towards Alpuyeca, right before you find “El Rodeo” Lagoon; you will find the road that takes you straight to Xochicalco.

Xochicalco means “the place where the house of flowers is”. It is located over a group of little mountains that are called La Bodega, La Malinche and Xochicalco. In Xochicalco, the most important buildings were constructed. Therefore, the slopes had to be modified to allow the building of houses and form a terrace series which prevented the access to the place.

During the epic-classic period, Xochicalco reached its highest point of splendor and advancement. Architectonically, this was the period where the greatest structures were built and the biggest economical development took place after Teotihuacán (the dominant city of the classic period) was abandoned. It was then when all the attention was brought to Xochicalco.

Inhabitants of Xochicalco forbid the transportation of basic products towards Teotihuacán; hence, taking an active and major role in the fall of the most important city of the classic period. This is the simplest explanation to the fortification of this pre-hispanic city and its brief occupation as an urban center. Once Teotihuacán stopped being a potential danger, Xochicalco lost its major function.

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