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Durango: A Mixture of Adventure and Fun

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If you love adventure and risky sports, you have to come to Durango city in Mexico. You will be surprised of what you would be able to see and do in this zone. Likewise, you will prove yourself how skillful you are when facing situations that put your life at risk. For example, kayaking & rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing. Lovers of kayaking should know that The Animas River is nationally known for having training, participating in competitions, and having guided rafting trips. Depending on the weather conditions at the time, you may play golf, go hiking and go horseback riding choosing the amount of time that you have available for that, ranging from a couple of hours till days. Durango is also renowned as a destination for bikes, so that you can travel around Durango and explore San Juan Skyway by bicycle.

The most recurrent spots are Durango Mountain Resort, which offers a great number of activities for summer and winter times. Durango Museum exhibits locomotives, books, historic-coaches, railroad collectibles and lamps. The Grand Motorcar and Piano Museum displays collected antique cars. Other options available for your preference are camping, watching Hollywood movies filmed in this area, going to casinos and video games, meeting art galleries and art walks, assisting to concerts, having spa facilities at the Trimble Hot Springs which is a National Historic Site, or eating Old West Supper. No matter which type of activity you prefer the most, Durango has something for everybody!

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