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Bahia de Los Angeles: A Paradise Come True

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Bahia de los Angeles in Ensenada offers its visitors the most spectacular landscape and views of the Mar de Cortez. Widely known as the most romantic spot in Baja California, many tourists have confirmed that they have fallen in love while being there. Before the street surfaced, the little villa was an exclusive territory of private plane pilots and adventurers who dared to get to this lonely place.

In the beginning, people got to Bahia de los Angeles attracted by the fishing activities organized by locals and also to taste the famous turtle filet that was served in La Casa Diaz, a motel/restaurant founded by Antero and “Mama” Diaz, a pioneer family from the area. Nowadays, tourists can visit El Museo Cultural y de Historia Natural that is located just behind the town’s park. In here, you can find pictures, whales’ skeletons, fossils, local handicrafts, clothes and mine equipment typical from Baja California.

The roads full of dust lead to the south and north from the town. Wonderful beaches, treasures of nature and primitive camps set a magical ambiance in the place. If you like snorkeling, Punta Gringa is the place to visit. It was named this way after an American woman who used to collect seashells in the past in that place. Bahia is quite famous for the strong gusts that could last for weeks, especially during spring and autumn. The summer can be intolerably hot, reason why some local stores close during that season.

Electricity is self-generated in Bahia de Los Angeles; therefore, this service is restricted to certain schedules. If you visit Bahia, remember to stay there for at least three days so that you will be able to enjoy as much as possible from this wonderful town. The best time to go there is during the months of February and May. Marine species are best seen during this time. Finally, remember to bring cash with you, ATM’s are not available yet.

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