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The Power of History

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Certainly, Mexico is full of historic destinations, but Hidalgo—a square town—is one of the most remarkable places in Mexico. It was part of the scenery in the Mexican Revolution wherein Miguel Hidalgo contributed to the independence of the country. In this town, you may find a large number of items, furniture, and documents that belonged to Hidalgo, and are now exhibited at the “Casa de Don Miguel Hidalgo”.

Hidalgo’s main economic activities include handicraft and agriculture. So, you cannot forget to look at the artisans elaborating their pieces of crafts, visit the workshops and figure out how they work and what tools are used during the process. Likewise, you can buy talavera porcelain pottery at the lined streets or at the Independence Museum. In these streets, you may also find different items at low prices. It is very interesting to notice that one of the major attractions is the sales of ice cream that many vendors have.

Perhaps, you wonder about means of transportation to get there. The nearest airports are Leon and Queretaro; however, if you prefer to go from Mexico, you can take first class buses which have cheap rates and are comfortable. The numerous hills look like deserts where some sellers offer fruits to their tourists. Take your time to visit Hidalgo because it is worthy to admire historic sites.

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