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Nuevo Leon: A City for Adventurers

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Located in the northeast of Mexico, Nuevo Leon is well-known as “The World Shoe Capital” since a lot of companies specialize in producing leather goods and high quality shoes are established there. This economic activity has helped by increasing the amazing development of this city.

As part of the urban progress, Nuevo Leon has a highway system of perfect quality as well as railroad connections to several borders. Although this city has improved a lot in regards to infrastructure, it also preserves some archaelogical sites like Ibarillo and Taraco-Chupicuaro. Nuevo Leon is a real combination of colonial buidings and modern architecture. In addition, some people like to go to Los Tanques and La Granja Spas and walk around boulevards. The most attractive places to stop by include Basilica Cathedral whose façade has a baroque style, Our Lady of Angeles Church, House of Culture, Bullfighting Museum, Botanical Garden, among others.

In the past, this land was inhabited by nomadic groups who were hunter-gatherers to subsist, but today, cave paintings seem to be the only proof of their existence. Depending on your background knowledge, you may consider this part of history very interesting and worthy to next generations.

Nuevo Leon is characterized by having extreme weather conditions during the year. It is very cool and rainy in the summer in the mountains, cool in the south where deserts have extreme temperatures. For those travelers who love adventure trips, Nuevo Leon is the perfect site because it also has mountains, waterfalls, and grottoes.

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