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Playa del Carmen: Blue Parrot, the Best Place to Relax

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To talk about Blue Parrot is the same as to talk about Playa del Carmen. Since 1984, when the hotel was founded, a great number of visitors from all around the world have had the great experience to stay in here.

Owned by Americans, Blue Parrot fits the higher quality expectations guests might have. The staff of the hotel is formed by Mexicans and foreigners who have been previously trained to provide the best attention to the guests.

In 1984, Blue Parrot started as a casual beach front hotel and bar, located in the middle of the Yucatan Jungle. Mostly by word of mouth, many European, American and Latin American visitors started arriving to the hotel attracted by the beauty of the area plus the excellent services that were quite famous in the moment. No one imagine that what started as a remote fishing village will end up becoming the epicenter of the Mayan Riviera.

The 39 unit of the Blue Parrot hotel counts on a landscaped courtyard and pool, which attractive and fresh architecture provides a guaranteed time of relaxation within the hotel. The ocean views guests can have from the private terraces in their rooms, plus the commodity to enjoy a fresh cocktail while in the hammocks from the balconies, are a temptation just a few can avoid.

Visit the Blue Parrot Hotel as soon as possible and become one more fortunate to stay in this beautiful hotel and enjoy the fantastic wonders of Playa del Carmen.

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