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Nayarit: A Paradise in Mexico

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Nayarit state reflects a magnificent biodiversity of fauna and flora accompanied with a variety of cultural and historical sites. The mixture of culture, adventure, history, and natural resources is a preferred tourist destination for many persons. What makes it even more attractive are its cuisine, tropical forests, warm climate, and beautiful beaches. Without doubts, it is not very common to find a place like that today due to the increasing pollution and urban development.

Within panoramic views, you will see exotic flowers, tropical birds, and of course, crystalline waters in lakes, alligators, and turtles. The importance of this place also has to do with fishing, mining wealth, cattle-raising, and sugar-bowl. If all these types of activities are unknown for you, this is your opportunity to come to Nayarit and discover how fascinating and enriching is the experience of being in contact with nature and with history.

Due to Nayarit’s favored geographic position with the Tropic of Cancer, it has favorable climatic conditions where there are plenty of rains in the summer and fertile lands permitting the production of varied flowers as well as fruits. Likewise, tourists are more likely to enjoy their vacation time experiencing kayaking at the Lost Island, surfing at the Blue Coast. In order to relax, you may go to Mexcaltitan Island, Santiago Ixcuintla, Danta Maria del Oro Lagoon, la Tovara Jungle, and the modern city of Tepic—capital city of Nayarit—. Remember that Nayarit is a diverse landscape with numerous choices to enjoy during your visit.

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