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Mexico Attractions

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There are a great variety of options in Mexico to make you have a really good time. With 31 states and a federal district, there will no be time to get bored in this beautiful place. The attractions you will find in Mexico can be divided in four categories: Native American Archaeology, Colonial Era Architecture, Eco/Adventure Tours, and Beaches and Resorts. Thus, do not waste your time considering where to go on vacation; we have the right place for you: Mexico. For further information on this great destination, read at the following articles.

Playa del Carmen: Blue Parrot, the Best Place to Relax03/01/2006
Monterrey: Barrio Antiguo, A Hidden Treasure02/27/2006
Barrancas del Cobre: An Unforgettable Experience02/24/2006
Bahia de Los Angeles: A Paradise Come True02/23/2006
Tijuana: Avenida Revolucion, Where the Action Takes Place02/23/2006
Playa del Carmen: Mixture of Etnies02/22/2006
Xochicalco, Cuernavaca: A Historical City02/22/2006
Aquarium of Veracruz: Marine Life In Your Hands02/22/2006
Merida: Museum of the City, a Must for Visitors!02/22/2006
Puebla: Amparo Museum, History and Technology Together02/22/2006
Puebla: Fantastic Books in Alma Libre Bookstore02/21/2006
Guanajuato: Romantic Legend at the Alley of the Kiss02/21/2006
Mazatlan Aquarium: You Cannot Miss It!02/21/2006
San Miguel Allende: Where Colonial Times Are Still Reality!02/21/2006

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